Events in Laravel?

In Laravel, events provide a simple observer implementation, allowing you to subscribe and listen for events that occur within your application. Events are useful for decoupling components and building more modular and maintainable code. The event system in Laravel is based on the Observer design pattern. Here’s a breakdown of the key concepts related to… Continue reading Events in Laravel?

Partitioning Concept In MySQL Table

Partitioning is a database design technique that involves splitting a large table into smaller, more manageable pieces called partitions. Each partition stores a subset of the data based on a specified criterion, such as a range of values, a list of values, or a hashing algorithm. Partitioning can improve query performance, facilitate data management, and… Continue reading Partitioning Concept In MySQL Table

Soft Delete in Laravel

In Laravel, “soft delete” refers to the practice of marking records as deleted instead of physically removing them from the database. Soft deleting is often used when you want to retain a record of the data but indicate that it should be considered as “deleted” in the application. This is achieved by adding a deleted_at… Continue reading Soft Delete in Laravel


In the EXPLAIN output in MySQL, the “Extra” column provides additional information about how MySQL is processing the query. When the “Extra” column shows NULL, it generally means that there are no additional special considerations or operations beyond the usual execution of the query. Here are some common scenarios where the “Extra” column might have… Continue reading Extra in EXPLAIN in MYSQL

Bash Script To Delete Directory, then Re-Create With Source Content

Below is a Bash script that deletes a directory, creates a new directory with the same name, and then copies all files (including hidden files and folders) from another given directory path into the newly created directory with permission. To ensure that hidden files and directories are also copied, you can use the shopt command… Continue reading Bash Script To Delete Directory, then Re-Create With Source Content

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Magic Methods in PHP Class

Magic functions in PHP are special methods with double underscores (__) as prefixes. These methods are automatically called by the PHP interpreter in response to certain events or actions. Magic functions allow you to implement functionality in your classes for operations like property overloading, method overloading, and more. Here are some common magic functions in… Continue reading Magic Methods in PHP Class